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Traditional Garba In Gujarat
Traditional navratri garba in Gujarat


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Dandiya Night in Gujarat

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Royal Heritage of Vadodara

World Record Garba In Gujarat
Lukshmi Vilas Palace, Vadodara – A Living Legend of Craft and Beauty

Some legacies live beyond the bounds of time. The imperial residence of Vadodara, Lukshmi Vilas Palace is a mark of architectural excellence with royal ecstasy. An emblem of tradition, the majestic structure sprawls across a total area of 500 acres at the heart of Vadodara.

The Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III built this Majestic Palace in 1890 in the State of Baroda – present-day Vadodara. Since then, it has been a residency of the Royal family of Gaekwad.

The palace is having huge compound area spread up with attractions like Baroda Golf Club, Motibaug Cricket Grounds, and Maharaja Fateh Singh Museum.

Garba with Purpose – A Celebration of Humanity

The royal family believes in values like cultural encouragement with celebration. And the embodiment of this is The Lukshmi Vilas Palace Heritage Garba - an initiative from Shree Maharani Chimnabai Stree Udhyogaylaya. This annual fundraiser event is a major highlight for the folks of Vadodara.

Garba is a traditional folk dance type performed in a circle for nine nights of the Navratri festival of the goddess Durga.

The Garba event is held at the royal venue of the palace grounds. The purpose is to support various Artisans, women’s empowerment for marginalized women, and support for the LGBTQIA community.

This year, WardWizard Foundation has joined hands with Shree Maharani Chimnabai Stree Udhyogalaya. Around 25000 Participants may visit for this forthcoming event.

Famous place for garba in Gujarat
Famous Garba in Gujarat
The Royal Legacy of Vadodara

A revolutionary author, a visionary leader, and a big supporter of the women-empowerment movement of the early 20th century, Maharani Chimnabai became the first President of the All India Women’s Conference in 1927. As Maharani of Vadodara, she devoted her life to uplifting the lives of women and children abolishing child marriage and the Purdah system.

Maharani’s modest and grass root level work in the fields of education and women's empowerment is a mark of Royal generosity and legacy.

Maharani Chimnabai Stree Udhyogalaya was established in 1914 by Maharani and the royal family of Gaekwad at Vadodara for social causes.

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