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Founded in 2022, Wardwizard Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to long-term and holistic interventions in Education, Healthcare, Disaster Response, Women Empowerment, and Improving Livelihoods.

Wardwizard Foundation is working for the social upliftment in Vadodara and the surrounding areas. The focus of the Wardwizard Foundation is to improve the earning potential of women through skill building and empowerment by focussing on 2 key areas of development-

  • Women Empowerment and Occupational Skill Development
  • Entrepreneurship Development


Samarth Nari

Samarth Nari

To alleviate poverty and enable women to take charge of their families by shouldering the economic responsibilities of their families, we engage with women from economically vulnerable groups. Our skill development model has been designed to make the woman, the central force in the economic upliftment of her family, an empowering woman who helps the entire family to transform their livelihood. This will create a win-win situation for the skilled women as well as the industry as Wardwizard Group companies, as well as industry peers, will get untapped skilled resources, while women will get economic self-reliance.


Food is one of the most basic needs of any living being. It is also the cause of many health issues in people who have minimum or no access to it. To address the ever-growing food-crisis we would start food vans that would cater for the underprivileged and the people below poverty line with nutritious food at bare minimum cost to fulfil their basic nutrition needs.

Amrut Aarogya

Amrut Aarogya

At Wardwizard Foundation, we believe that gaining health is equally important as gaining wealth. Hence, we are giving equal thrust on creating awareness for healthcare and making positive changes in the lifestyle to avert major illnesses or diseases by having periodic medical camps starting in the rural areas. The Foundation also aims to establish healthcare facilities that would serve the people from economically weaker sections of the society.

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Fight against COVID

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Environment Conservation

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Save Food for Life

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Education Awareness

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Support Farmers

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Shree Maharani Chimnabai Stree Udyogalaya and Wardwizard Foundation Join Hands to organize Lukshmi Vilas Palace Heritage Garba 2022
After a gap of two years Vadodara will once again dance to the tunes of traditional garba which is its identity. Lukshmi Vilas Palace heritage garba is also back to its full glory and this time will be held at iconic Motibaug cricket ground.......

Updated : Monday, July 18, 2022, 10:00 AM IST

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